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acwrimo – or writing a hell of a lot of words in a short amount of time

I signed up for ACWRIMO and this past week, if I may, I did pretty darned good at it. I read a lot, I wrote a lot, and I feel a lot better about my accomplishments just last week than I did pretty much all of the previous eight or nine. So yay! My goal is to have rough drafts of all of my 3 or 4 (jury’s out on the number) statements – so for me, it’s roughly one per week and I’m hitting that just about on target. I am learning a lot about saying “NO!” lately, and it’s precisely because of all of these other important tasks I have – parenting, teaching, writing, and of course, me and my health. All of which are important, and all of which I need to balance appropriately. Even if I don’t have one whole statement in the bag yet (seriously, only a few more pages, and I know exactly how and what I’m going to write on. I think. Ha!), already ACWRIMO is helping me structure my time to hit all of the areas I need to hit. So yay!

This weekend is a long one here – Monday, school is out for all the YuBurs for Veteran’s Day. We have plans to hit the North Florida Fair, and I am thinking tomorrow morning I might sneak out early with the kids and do something fun. We’ll see.

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